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Volume Zero new ep

Pre-Sale Has Begun!

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Rehasher, Less Than Jake's Roger Lima Interview is Here!


Click the media section of       our page for full interview

 & pictures from the show      Rehasher played at The Stranded Sailor Pub in Sanford.


Volume Zero has just released their new album "Subjugate. Manipulate. Control." Available now on colored vinyl, cd and digital download

Volume Zero has just released their new album "Subjugate. Manipulate. Control." Available now on colored vinyl, cd and digital download


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Tracey Blades

Tracey Blades

Once guitarist of Get Rad Records very first band Eat The Elderly, Trace has just finished recording is first solo record. The "Born Losers & Drug Abusers" Full Length, set to come out Summer 2018, is an amazing collection of tunes spanning multiple styles and genres. Tracey Blades also plays in The Problem Pack, Orlando punk rock. Look for EP release and tour dates upcoming.


The Transdimensionalizers

This brother and sister duo are the newest band to join The Get Rad Crew. We are putting the final touches on their debut EP entitled "Pilot" now and will have it available for purchase at their show March 10th at Stranded Sailor Pub in Sanford. We are stoked to have them on the label and look forward to them rocking your socks off.

volume zero.PNG

Volume Zero

Volume Zero, representing for the 812, are Indiana's finest when it comes to hardcore. If you have ever been fortunate enough to catch these dudes live you understand what we mean. If you have left their live show with a broken nose or worse, wear it like a badge of honor! With a new EP released by Get Rad in Spring of 2018, These guys are definitely on the move!



PigPen has been dazzling crowds with his peculiar brand of showmanship since the ripe old age of 8. With a background of sideshow acts accompanied with his passion for punk rock comes an unbelievable experience that is his live show. Hammers, nails and even a staple gun can't stop this guy from hitting the stage and doing what he loves. Look for upcoming tour dates soon.


Artists interested in working with Get Rad Records, please email Include Band name and any links to music you want to include. We offer many different services for up and coming bands including management, distribution, booking, tour management and merch. 

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Volume Zero Did What To That Baby??!!!

Watch video above to see what these sick

bastards are up to!!






The Transdimensionalizers

sign with Get Rad Records

    We are proud to announce the latest artist signing, Florida duo, The Transdimensionalizers. Mr. J and Chem Cattrail , a brother and sister duo are fucking amazing. Look for big things to come in the upcoming months out of this band! We welcome you guys to The Get Rad Crew and can't wait to start rocking!


Dial Drive EP Release Party!!!

     The Get Rad Crew was at Will's Pub in Orlando Friday night for the Dial Drive EP Release Party. Unbelievable time with great performances all night by some of the best bands in Orlando.

     The night was kicked off with a ripping set from Effit, an amazing 3 piece band from Orlando. Excited to hear more from these dudes. Check these guys out March 31st at Stranded Sailor Pub in Sanford with Friendly Fire, The Robinsons and Radio89.

     Next up was The Problem Addicts, reppin' for the Deltona punk community, had an awesome set, getting the crowd pumped! Love these dudes style and attitude. Catch them live at their EP release party for their second EP "Derailed" February 24th in Downtown Sanford. Check their facebook page for details.

     Bothering Dennis, a super talented band from Orlando/Gainesville played just before Dial Drive. This band is musically and lyrically so fucking good! Currently working on their new album "Road Trip" in Gainesville at The Moathouse Studio, Roger Lima from Less Than Jake's home studio. The energy of the room was electric when they finished.

     Finally, the stage was set for Dial Drive to take over. This set was one of the best we've seen in recent memory. These dudes came on and from minute one, ripped Will's Pub to shreds! If you missed this show, you're fucked! Truly amazing night that had the feel of an instant classic. The new EP "Viva Le'Jit" is really really good! Check out their facebook page on details of how to get your hands on it.

   Click to see photos of the night, Taken by the talented Nick Benton. Great night, great bands and if you weren't there, you are probably still kicking your own ass. Thanks to Will's Pub and all the support of everyone involved putting this event together. Check Havoc Underground facebook page and our Events section here on for more great shows upcoming.







Get Rad was in Miami Saturday for the 305 Fest at Churchill's Pub. There were so many great bands Saturday,including our favorite, Problem Pack from Orlando. Check the Media section of our website for some pics and videos from Problem Pack's set.

Problem Pack

Get rad records welcomes...

who???? just tell us already!


Upcoming Events

Gearing up for camp

Legendary punker and frontman of NOFX Fat Mike has brought Anarchy Camp to life! A wild weekend festival with a lineup that you have to see to believe! Get Rad is packing up all the camping gear we can find (which seems to be 90% booze, meds and records) and taking a punk rock road trip to Ohio to be there! 

Click to watch official video for Punk in Drublic Camping Happening June 1-3 2018

Click to watch official video for Punk in Drublic Camping Happening June 1-3 2018

Kicking off the weekend is the Pre-camp party with Me First And The Gimme Gimmes and Jello Biafra and The Guantanamo School of Medicine. Saturday will be headlined by NoFX, Sunday by Rancid!

Click here for full lineup and Official press release

Click here for full lineup and Official press release